Yuasa SWL

Yuasa SWL cells and monoblocs offer excellent performance with a long life. This Range of batteries are Front Terminal with a high rate discharge performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Yuasa VRLA batteries can be used in any orientation excluding continuous use inverted.
  • Standard case material is flame retardant to (UL94) HBØ.
  • FR option case material is flame retardant to UL94:VØ (oxygen index 30)..
  • SWL batteries are manufactured in factories that comply with ISO9001:2000.


Nominal Capacity (AH) Nominal Dimensions (mm)
Battery Nominal Voltage (V) 10 hr rate To 1.80Vpc
@ 20°C
3 hr rate To 1.80Vpc @ 20°C Length Width Height Over Connections Terminal Type
SWL2500-6FR 6 184 180 297 168 231.5 M8 F
SWL4240-12FR 8 150 140 341 173 281 M8 F

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