Alan Campbell Engineering Services can undertake a wide variety of customer bespoke project work either in the field or at your site locations.

Our services range from Power supply unit, modular Inverter systems and battery installations, bespoke system design and installation, modifications and upgrades to existing equipment, site and equipment surveys, site decommissioning, battery recycling, regular maintenance and on call service contracts. We cover the entire UK and Northern Ireland with extensive experience in successful delivery to Scottish Highlands and Islands and remote sites throughout the UK such as windfarms.

  • Power Installations – DC PSU and Modular Inverter

    We provide a full install and commissioning service for the PSUs and inverter systems offered within our product range. We can also install and commission other manufacturers systems as required.

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  • Battery Installations

    Either full string or individual bloc replacement, ACES possess the expertise and experience to handle your battery replacement requirements. We offer a complete cradle to grave service from sourcing blocs, pre-install testing, delivering to site, installation, comissioning and environmentally friendly traceable recycling.

  • System Upgrades or Bespoke Solutions for More Complex Environments

    As well as standard installations, we offer a design and customisation service to create a unique solution to match your requirements.

    DC PSU installations – ACES are specialists in upgrading DC systems within the footprint and infrastructure of your legacy equipment. Using temporary DC systems allows live changovers therefore minimising disruption to your network and customers.

    Dual output AC & DC Power Supplies – for a more compact and neat solution than the traditional DC PSU also backing up an AC inverter, ACESL supplies an all-in-one system giving dual feed AC and DC output whilst charging the batteries. Ideal for street cabinet environments and also removes the “hidden load” scenario often encountered with inverters.

  • Site Decommissioning

    ACES possess extensive experience of managing the decommissioning of a variety of sites across the UK including Highlands and Islands, and Northern Ireland. From single PSU cabinets to complete Power rooms and battery racks, street cabinets, limited or specialist access, we provide a comprehensive service to clear site of all un-wanted equipment. We also offer a full test and refurbishment service allowing us to dispose of un-wanted equipment and recommission legacy stock for you to reallocate across your estate.

    ACES are registered with the Environment Agency as an upper tier Waste Broker and Dealer and provide all Waste Transfer Notes in accordance with current legislation.

  • Battery Recycling

    We offer a full battery removal service, including blocs that have failed or are damaged. Where appropriate our engineers will use mechanical aids designed specifically for moving batteries.

    ACESL will arrange for waste batteries to be recycled. ACES are registered with the Environment Agency as an upper tier Waste Broker and Dealer and provide all Waste Transfer Notes in accordance with current legislation.

  • Regular Maintenance Contract

    ACES have multiple contracts in existence providing regular system maintenance to back-up Power systems, site facilities, and emergency alarm systems including Fire & Smoke, air-con systems and DC PSU, rectifiers and batteries.