PSU Install & Commissioning

We are able to install new high density power systems either completely from fresh or in place of dated legacy systems. Crucial loads can be transferred to our temporary DC supply systems to allow no loss of transmission while works are carried out. This can be completed out of hours to minimise faults.

We installed 5 TSI Nova pack systems into 5 different telecommunications sites. These installs consisted of:

  • Setting up the rack ready for the nova system to be installed
  • Installing new AC & DC power cables from the distribution to the rack
  • Install alarm cable from the rack to the alarm network box
  • Performing post checks to ensure system is fully functional

All installs went smoothly with no faults, each taking 2 days of work.
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Example of Our Work

We have installed 2 ECI Bravo systems into a major telecommunications DC only site. Our customer wanted access to AC power in a DC only environment so we installed 2 of the ECI Bravo systems which work in parallel in case of a failure.