Leoch Lithium 48 Volt

Leoch Lithium 48 Volt

Lithium-Ion Batteries offer extreme cyclic abilities compared to lead-acid batteries. For extreme demanding telecom applications LEOCH has developed 48V Lithium-Ion (LiFePo4) modules to replace front terminal 48V strings of lead acid batteries. Offering more than 5000 cycles at 60% DoD, 19-inch rack mounting design facilitate easy replacement in existing installations and easy maintenance.

  • Features
  • Environmentally friendly without any heavy metals inside
  • Extreme Cycle Life, up to 3500 cycles at 100% DoD to reduce CAPEX & OPEX in demanding telecom, switchgear or hybrid applications
  • Embedded BMS developed with a multitude of safety features and measuring points alongside with an optional front LCD screen
  • Lithium Ion Phosphate chemistry has a high thermal runaway threshold being one of the safest market lithium technology
  • Fast charge capability of up to 1C10 offers unparalleled charging performance*on single unit mode

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