Bravo 10

Bravo 10

The most compact inverter with extra AC input to efficiently secure critical loads from 1.25 to 40kVA

Bravo 10 is a compact modular inverter that converts a 48 Vdc power source into 230 Vac. By using at least three modules, we can offer solutions for three-phase infrastructures (3x400Vac + N).

An additional AC input is used under normal conditions to achieve an overall conversion efficiency of 96%. In the event of a grid failure, it automatically switches to the DC to secure the loads.

The modularity is maximum thanks to increments of 1.25 kVA / 1 kW only! Different configurations are possible such as monitoring integrated in the shelf or not, and for single-phase or three-phase systems.


Technical Data

  • DC In – 48Vdc (40-60)
  • AC Out – 230Vac (150-265)
  • Power – 1.25kVA /1kW
  • Efficiency: DC/AC – 92.5%
  • Efficiency: AC/DC – 96%
  • Temperature: -20 to 65°C
  • Dimension: 1U x 87mm x 346mm


Key Features

  • Extra AC input for increased efficiency
  • All-in-one solution with monitoring included
  • From 1.255 to 40kVA
  • 1P or 3P configuration
  • Compact

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