On-Site Services

Our on-site services include PSU installations, obsolete kit decommissioning, maintenance (including at masthead), equipment installations into radio base stations, root cause investigations into DC system failures, temporary powering of street cabinets during installation. We are experienced in completing full in depth deep cleans after a fire, we can provide fault finding services on ACES premises or on site & additional to this we provide a range of battery testing services.

Using our specialist equipment we are able to test batteries on site anywhere in the UK efficiently and with ease. With our battery lifters we can easily install new full sets of batteries or remove any old exhausted ones for recycling.

Case Studies

We have completed a project to install Green Rhino batteries into street cabs. The Green Rhino batteries used are much more durable while lasting longer. This makes them ideal for outdoor cabs as they do not need as much maintenance directly impacting cost.

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Case Studies

We were asked to inspect a fault in a substation where equipment was causing power outages. We were able to solve the issue, remove the equipment to take back to ACES for further inspection as to why the problem occurred.