CE+T Install & Commissioning

As a partner of CE+T power we can supply the full range of their equipment! Not only can we supply the equipment but our engineers have been trained by CE+T on how to install, commission & maintain their equipment.

Regular projects include:

  • New High density systems in place of old legacy gear
  • 2500A system into main transmission sites.
  • 24v PSU installation onto ships.
  • Installed & transferred loads to improve resilience sites

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Example of our work

Here we did a job where 2 legacy systems were being removed to make way for 3 new systems. 3 Systems were used to balance the load more effectively improving the resilience of the power network. The existing distribution and batteries remained in situ & to maintain service, the live load was migrated to and from a temporary system out of hours. This allowed us to carry out the work with no power outage.