Batteries & Battery Servicing


Battery Maintenance, Charging and Teardowns.

ACES are experienced practitioners in all aspects of battery maintenance.

From battery supply, installation and commissioning, float charging, battery testing, replacement and recycling to full battery teardown and analysis reporting, ACES have the expertise and knowledge base to assist.

  • Battery Supply
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Float charging – do you need a float charge solution?

    We offer battery storage at our facilities in Stoke on Trent where we can retain you batteries for call-off as and when required.

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  • Battery Testing

    Using handheld electronic meters ACESL can conduct a non-intrusive indicative check on the health of your batteries. For a more comprehensive health check ACESL will complete a partial discharge of the battery using an electronic based load which fully monitors the performance of each bloc duirng the test.

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  • Battery Teardowns

    Physical teardowns are used to investigate why a bloc may have failed prematurely or to allow detailed physical comparisons between blocs.

    The following list highlights the work process and procedures that form the basis of a report:

    • Perform a visual inspection of the battery.
    • Weights and measurements taken.
    • Recorded by photograph.
    • Record the voltage and internal resistance values as received.
    • Teardown battery and illustrate findings.

    We also have the equipment and expertise to undertake full detailed bloc teardowns from external bloc casing inspection right down to the individual internal cells and plates. Coupled with the periodic and extensive testing over time, we can provide you with a comprehensive analysis report that covers the entire battery life-cycle from cradle to grave. Want to find out more?

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  • Lithium Batteries

    ACES have undertaken small scale testing of Lithium Ion batteries for various clients since 2019.  We have also been instrumental in the development and delivery of Lithium battery handling training courses and we have also successfully completed several system conversions from VRLA to Lithium for various clients.  Accordingly, we are very experienced in the safe handling and transportation of these batteries.

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