CE+T Product Information

July 2023

Please see a brief extract from the recent anouncement from CE+T regarding the phasing out of the TSI VEDA/NOVA/MEDIA/Bravo Packs 48Vdc 230Vac and Bravo ST. As a partner with CE+t we are here to help you during the end of life and last time buy period. Contact us for information and support.

‘After careful consideration and extensive research, our new and improved line of modular inverters, namely BRAVO 4, BRAVO 6, BRAVO 10, and BRAVO 25 have been introduced. These cutting-edge products are more compact, efficient, and performant than their predecessors, providing enhanced reliability and performance to meet the ever-evolving demands of your industry.

While our VEDA, NOVA, MEDIA 48 230, BRAVO ST and BRAVO PACK modular inverters have been reliable workhorses, technological advancements have allowed us to design and develop a new generation of products that offer even greater benefits. The BRAVO 4, BRAVO 6, BRAVO 10, and BRAVO 25 inverters embody the culmination of our commitment to innovation, ensuring your operations are powered by the latest advancements in energy conversion technology.’

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